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I think Jewel broke Jungkookie

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I know BBC feel sad about Jiho not having enough sleep. So here is Jiho sleeping with bees for your dashboard and blog.

If you put in you’re home blog please don’t forget to source CHEERS <3

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the first time in tao’s life sehun has called him beautiful


[140829] Twitter Jaehyo (4 tweets)

미안 밤엔 외출이 안되서 거울하나 통해서 호텔밖 야경이야 거울빼고 찍고싶다..

미안거울말고 창문

일본에 오래 잇엇습니다 한국의 말 좀 어뎝숩니다

[ENG] Sorry We can’t leave at night so through the mirror, I took a picture of the night view I want to take a picture without the mirror

Sorry I meant window not mirror

Been too long in Japan so Korean is a wittle difficolt

[ESP] Lo siento No podemos salir por la noche así que a través del espejo, hice una foto de la vista nocturna Quiero sacar una foto sin el espejo

Lo siento Quise decir ventana, no espejo

He estado tanto tiempo en Japón que el coreano es un foco difísil

Trans: bontheblock
Trad español: yuseong @ 7WannaB

Sehun vs. Sehun the evil