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Artist: 방탄소년단
Album: Skool Luv Affair
Track: Taehyung's back vocal in 'Tomorrow'
Plays: 1,480


Taehyung’s back vocal in ‘Tomorrow’


After the release of H.E.R I did some Block B sketches <3
i think im getting a better handle on their faces. ; v ;


After the release of H.E.R I did some Block B sketches <3

i think im getting a better handle on their faces. ; v ;


getting no message is also a message.


tae vs cola

ok great now i feel like crying again


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[KYUNG] The first broadcast of HER finished well! I’m so happy we’re starting promotions again. Our bees are ready to buzz again, right? I’m excited!! ♥♥


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Artist: 블락비 (Block B)
Album: HER
Plays: 32,785
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[DONATIONS] Block B’s July 2014 Comeback Forest Project



The deadline to submit your donation is FRIDAY, JULY 25th 2014 at Midnight KST. If you submit your donation after the due date then there is no guarantee that it can be included in this project.

 To celebrate Block B’s comeback at the end of July 2014, we are now accepting donations for “Block B Forest Project”. Powered by ‘Tree Planet’, Korean BBCs will be planting trees for a forest that will be named after Block B. The donation goal for this project is $5000. As of July 5th 2014, 3,161,755 won (approx. $3133) of donations were received. To help K-BBCs reach their goal mark, Block B International have estimated a $2000 donation goal. There will be a sign next to the trees that shows which fandom bought the forest, and there will be a QR code which will list all donators’ names! Please visit or follow @blockbforest on twitter for further update and information.

 When donating, please mind the following guidelines:

  • There is a $5 minimum for donations.
  • Paypal deadline to donate is FRIDAY, JULY 25th 2014 AT 12:00 AM KST.
  • Concealed Cash deadline to donate is TUESDAY, JULY 22nd 2014 AT 12 AM KST
  • We’re only accepting cash donations, not items.

 How to donate:

  • At this time we highly prefer donations through Paypal. If you absolutely must send concealed cash or use any other form of money transfer, please email us as soon as possible. Block B International assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen concealed cash and there is not much we can do in the event that something happens. You are also still responsible for adhering to the deadline above.
  • To donate, please do the following:

    1. Register if necessary and log into Paypal.
    2. Click send payment and send your desired donation amount to
    3. Please make sure that you pay the fee when it asks you before you send your donation through PayPal!
    4. After you submit your donation through paypal we will send a confirmation email!

Thank you for participating!
-Block B International

We have extended the deadline until 4:00 pm KST tonight! That’s the start of Music Core, if you’re planning on watching.

We currently have $449, and we’d really love to break $500! Please donate, BBC!

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How to make Luhan walk with you in 3 steps!
Note: Will only work if you're Xiumin.

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When does Infinite cry?

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✱ Minhyuk's nose wrinkling
✱ Minhyuk's nose wrinkling